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“Homosexuals in Cork” 1978 Radio Programme

2014-07-29 14.01.28The Cork Branch of the Irish Gay Rights Movement (IGRM) was established in 1976.

The aims of the IGRM were to be achieved through

(i) Reform of laws relating to homosexuality

(ii) Removal of social prejudice and misconceptions regarding homosexuality

(iii) Provision of counselling, befriending and social facilities for homosexuals  (Sappphire, Cork IGRM Newsletter, Vol. 1 No. 1 Jan-Feb 78)

On 20 January 1978 members of the Cork Branch of IGRM took place in a radio programme “Homosexuals in Cork”  which2014-07-29 14.01.52 was aired on Cork-About, the Cork RTE programme.  This was significant in drawing attention to the issues affecting gays living in Cork and to highlight the activities and services provided by the IGRM.  Oliver Cogan wrote an article about the programme in Sapphire, the Cork IGRM’s newsletter.  He notes that “Whatever the general consensus of opinion, the programme certainly stimulated discussion.”

Below is a full transcript of the article:

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