LGBT Archive and Creativity

This week I have been engaged in creative pursuits, while also trying to make progress towards my aim of creating a Cork LGBT Digital Archive.

ComputersBoxesBasementIn an earlier post on Cork LGBT Digital Archive I talked about the rich source of archival material stored in the basement of a house in Cork.  This material has been gathered over the past 30 years.  It relates to the history of the LGBT community in Cork, the Quay Co-op, Safer Sex and AIDS organisations as well as various other campaigns and organisations. 2014-06-12 19.51.03 While it contains many gems, the ‘archive’ is unsorted with information on various organisations mixed in together.

1981GayConferencePosterThis week I began the slow process of trying to sort through the archive, with the assistance of Arthur, Carol, Katherine, John and Fionuala.  We tried to resist the temptation to read through all the fantastic information we found, although we had to admire some of the wonderful posters in the collection.  Initially the information is being sorted into broad categories, such as LGBT Cork, Quay Co-op, AIDS, Environmental, Housing Co-op etc.   Once sorted each category can be catalogued and explored in further depth.2014-06-12 21.50.44

Having a group to work with made the process quicker and more enjoyable than trying to wade through it all alone.  While we made good progress there is still a lot to be done.  We plan to meet again in the near future to continue the sorting.

A_Dance_Concerto_for_webOn the creative front, my son Jacob and I are participating in A Dance Concerto, as part of the Cork Midsummer Festival.   A Dance Concerto is a community dance project by choreographer Laura Murphy in collaboration with composer Irene Buckley and is based on Laban’s Movement Choirs.  Tins of food are central to the performance – the musicians use tins of food as instruments and the dancers also hold and use tins of food as part of the performance.  It is a really in2014-06-16 15.09.12teresting project that combines professional dancers with inter-generational community participants.  Jacob is one of the youngest participants in the performance, I’m possibly one of the oldest!  Audience members are asked to bring two cans as part of the admission fee.  All the tins will be donated to the Penny Dinners after the performance.

Continuing on the creative front I began to write a play this morning!  It will hopefully be a collaborative piece, combing poetry and performance, accompanied perhaps by a poetry book!  It may amount to nothing but I’m enjoying exploring the concept.

Busy week overall!

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