Disco Divas – Cork Women’s Disco, Other Place, 1990s

DiscoDivas2As I trawled through boxes of archival material recently, I found this hand written notice for the Women’s Discos which were run on Friday nights in the Other Place in the 1990s.

It is unsigned.  The hand writing is very neat and clear.  It includes a word count, so I would assume it was written for inclusion in a newsletter or in GCN.

Does anyone know who wrote this?

It provides a good snap shot of the Women’s Discos, the atmosphere inside the club and the experiences of women coming to and leaving the club – security cameras to ensure safety.  And it sings the praises of the D.J.  – Diane Jefferies!DiscoDivas

Here is a transcript of the article:

Disco Divas

Want to get your glad rags on and boogy on down, or just sit in a quiet corner and watch other women shed their inhibitions?  Then it is about time you came to the Women’s Disco.  From 11.00 pm onwards on the first Friday of the month knock on the door of the Other Place and the night and space is yours.

Upstairs in the candlelit café there is conversation, coffee and even food.  The relaxed, chatty atmosphere has an undercurrent of music from the disco downstairs enticing you to dance.

Our babe of the rave in D.J. Diane and with a skilled mixture of music she can soon get even the shyest of us wanting to dance.  Last month, thanks to the addition of her own C.D. player, we were treated to a mainly 70’s night.  Some fascinating interpretations of I will we Survive were seen on the dancefloor that night, and Give It Up by The Goodmen saw most of us shaking it about.

All too soon the night drew to a close and D.J. Diane was given a well deserved round of applause.

As you leave the club, hopefully hot, sweaty and well exercised, a security camera checks the street for safety giving you the freedom to say your goodbyes, or even a tentative hello!

All in all it’s a night that can cater to most tastes; energetic or lethargic, extravert or wallflower.  Most importantly it’s our night and the more the merrier.  So get your party head on and be at The Other Place on 4 February or March.  One last little thing is the admission: £4.00 waged, £3.00 unwaged.  Go on treat yourself.


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