Ordinary Love

Wow what a week!  Sold out shows, standing ovations and really positive reaction to the performance of our play Ordinary Love in the Cork Arts Theatre on 19 and 20 March.   Thank you so much to our Director Sonya Mathews and the amazing cast: Kate, Alice, Barbara, Pauline, Rudie, Carol, Sonya and me!  And the fabulous crew who made it all run so smoothly, Paddy, Marie, Jamie and Catherine.  Ordinary love poster

I had such fun playing four very different characters:  the mother, sister, ex-girlfriend and one of the doctors.  It was challenging, especially managing to change costumes and charters so quickly between scenes, but I loved it.

DSCF1084The audiences were wonderful – they were engaged and responsive and so appreciative.  We had hoped that the play would appeal to a mixed audience, gay and straight alike, and it appears to have done so.  People responded with laughter and tears and more laughter to the love story, the relationships with family and friends and the various challenges which the play explored.

Sonya, who has directed and performed in many plays, commented that she has never before been involved in a show DSCF1104which was not just sold out, but had people queuing outside hoping for cancellations.  She had also never experienced the privilege of standing ovations each night – it was electric.

Given such positive response we are hoping to perform the show again.  We are exploring funding options to enable us to go take the show on tour – suggestions welcome!  The group is committed to continuing to work together and are already planning our future productions.

Annmarie McIntyre spent three nights in a row filming the show – really looking forward to seeing the film.  Watch this space!


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