Cork Lesbian Play Opens this Week

Final rehearsals tomorrow before the opening of the new Cork lesbian play, Ordinary Love, Ordinary love posterin the Cork Arts Theatre on Wednesday 19 March 2014.   After all the hard work and rehearsals we are all excited, and a little nervous, about finally performing in front of an audience.  No pressure!!

DSCF1104      The play is basically a love story, with Sara looking back over key moments in her life and her relationship with her partner Clarissa.  In many ways it’s a universal love story, but it also explores some of the challenges that lesbians can sometimes have to deal with, in school, with our families, in society.

The play has been written collaboratively by the Linc Drama Group, drawing on our own experiences and the stories we wanted to tell.  There are too few plays, stories, films which are written, performed and directed by lesbian and bisexual women.  Lesbians and bisexual women are too often absent from and invisible in mainstream culture and when we do appear we are often distorted by misinformation, misinterpretation and stereotypes.  I would hope that this play will redress this in some little way and that it will resonate with audiences, queer and straight!

20140317_155200        It was great to see our play listed in this weekend’s Sunday Times and to have the Cork Evening Echo report on it.  All adding to the visibility! 1782325_1399608320307185_632068477_o


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